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Business of Acting

Stop Acting Like an Actor

Can I Please Has a Job?

Be honest. If you saw a businessman on a corner, dressed in suit and tie, desperately begging for work, you’d ask yourself: “Why doesn’t he do something more effective?” The standard actor dream seems to be: do good work, get discovered, become famous. Believe it or not, the toughest part of the equation is actually […]


NYC Actors – Register for Columbia U. Film Casting

Columbia Film Casting

NYC actors in the know are all too familiar with Columbia University’s reputation for turning out high quality student films. There’s a lot of competition to be cast in one of these student projects (especially the Graduate Student Thesis Films), and connecting with the student directors and producers is important if building a reel with […]


Retouching for Actor Headshots – A Primer

Actor Headshots need to be retouched. Nuff’ said. But how much retouching is enough, and what, really, should be retouched? This video walks an actor through the basic elements that need retouching in their headshot.


Professional Actors Should Work for Free… Sometimes

At one point or another, every actor is confronted with the prospect of working for free. If it isn’t performing live, it’s working on a student film, or an internet short, or some other performance venue… But is it really free?