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Headshot FAQs

Headshot Printing

Professional Headshot - New York Actor

Headshot photographers do not generally print large quantities of headshots for audition purposes. You’ll need to get in touch with a headshot reproduction company, and place a bulk order.

However… times have changed!

For most actors, you no longer need stacks of headshots. Printed headshots are generally only used in open-call auditions, when meeting a casting director for the first time, or for agent/manager meetings. This is why I recommend 25 or 50 copies for most of my clients.

For this large volume of photos, you’ll need to take your retouched images to a reproduction lab (do not ever print your headshot from your computer).

Where Do I Print My Headshots?

I recommend Reproductions for high quality photographic reprints.

630 Ninth Ave., Suite 1410 (between 44th & 45th)
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 646.502.3700

For large run lithographs (promotional materials or very large orders over 100) I recommend ABC Photo.

ABC Pictures, Inc.
1867 E. Florida Street
Springfield, MO 65803-4583
Tel: 888.526.5336

In a pinch, if you need an 8×10 immediately, you can always use a 1 hour photo lab (I recommend this for emergencies only, for a single print).

Headshot FAQs

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