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Hair & Makeup for Professional Headshots

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Hair & Makeup for Professional Headshots

Professional Headshot - New York Actor

Hair and makeup for professional headshots may seem like an unnecessary extra expense. But if you are a woman, and you have hair, you need a hair and makeup artist to assist you on your shoot.

Having a hair and makeup artist on site will make you more confident, the photographer less concerned with things like stray hairs and wrinkles, and your shoot more likely to yield great shots. Yes, hair and makeup for professional headshots is an added expense, but it is worth it in the long run. Most photographers have artists that they work with regularly, or can make a referral.

Men generally do not need this service, unless they have long hair or have special circumstances.

Do I Really Need a Hair & Makeup Artist?

Think about it this way… when you show up for a big-budget film (or even a low-budget short) there will be a makeup artist and hair-stylist to help you look your best. It’s in your best interest to recreate the same kind of atmosphere in your headshot session.

If a hair and makeup artist is out of your budget, at least consider visiting a salon for a blow-out or styling.

Headshot FAQs

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