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Frequent Questions About Headshots

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Headshot FAQs

Frequent Questions About Headshots

Professional Headshot - New York Actor

Frequent questions about headshots come up often enough that I created a guide for actors looking for quick answers about headshots.

Do you have a question about printing your headshots? Where to list your headshot in order to find auditions? How to format your headshot in a casting submission? Hopefully, the answer is here.

With over twenty years of practice as both an actor and photographer in the entertainment industry, I’ve experienced most of the pitfalls that actors encounter when it comes to their headshots. And while sometimes that knowledge is firsthand, sometimes it comes through a friend’s experience or the experience of a headshot client.

If you have frequent questions about headshots that aren’t covered below, please get in touch and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

Headshot FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions