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Comfort Is Key

“I hate having my picture taken”. It’s the most common phrase I hear from headshot clients. Whether you are a seasoned performer needing an Acting Headshot, a business executive needing a LinkedIn Photo, or you just want to find a good Portrait for your home, you have likely had an experience where a picture made you feel terrible.

I’m here to tell you, most of that bad experience is about discomfort.

Standing in front of the camera, asking to be seen, is a vulnerable situation. Every element involved in the process compounds the feelings we experience—the environment, the sound, the people, the light. Everything.

That’s why the Photo Studio on 38th Street is conceived from the ground up to make you feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

Pictures still speak the most
universally understood language.
—Walt Disney

Step into the studio, grab an espresso or a sparkling water, and rest assured your session is about you.

Equipped with a Sonos sound system to play music that gets you feeling your best, the Studio also has a hair and makeup area for touchups, a changing area with full length mirrors to select your best wardrobe, and HD displays for reviewing your images in High Resolution.

Photo Studio - Sitting Area

Having Your Photo Taken Doesn’t Have to Feel Terrible

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