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How Do I Choose a Headshot Photographer?

First and foremost, you should narrow your choices to photographers who shoot in a style that you like, and whose photos attract you. Don’t shoot with your friend (or your friend’s photographer) just because the price is low, or because your friend likes the photographer.

Make sure that casting directors and agents like the photographer’s work. It matters little if your family and friends like them–what matters is if they will get you in the door.

Next, you need to find out if you get along with the photographer. Schedule an interview, and do more that just look at the portfolio (you can always do that online). Your photo shoot can last a few hours, are you going to be nervous around this person? Do you like them? Can you hold a conversation with them? Rapport leads to better photos–shoot with a photographer that you enjoy being around and your photos will show it.

A note on price: never choose a photographer based on price.

Your headshots can make or break your career–you want to make sure you are picking a photographer for the right reasons, and price (expensive or cheap) is not necessarily one of them.

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