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What is a “Look” in a Headshot Session?

Many headshot session are built around a certain number of “looks”: 3 Look Session, 5 Look Session, Unlimited Looks.

Traditionally, a “look” is simply a clothing change… but as the business of acting has evolved, and casting directors expect actors to be more business savvy, a “look” has come to mean more than just clothes.

A “look” now usually means a character type (which is supported by a good choice of clothes).

So a 3 Look Session might include:

  • Casual Businessman/Business Woman
  • Darkly intense Leading Man/Leading Woman
  • Comfortable Young Dad/Young Mom

How Many “Looks” Do I Need?

Agents and casting directors will tell you that they only need one good headshot.

And that’s true! One good headshot is the bare minimum.

But a savvy actor will have different shots for different submissions. A casual, comfortable, smiling headshot might be appropriate for a sitcom, but it’s not going to work for that feature film role of a serial killer.

If you are capable of playing multiple types of roles, you need a headshot for each type, and therefor multiple looks.

If you can only play a scary motorcycle gang member, then you only need one “look”!

Every actor is different… take some time to think about the types of roles you can play, and where those types overlap… compile a list, and discuss it with your photographer (I meet with potential clients for free).

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