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Do Casting People Hate Un-Repped Actors?

Paul Russell has a no-nonsense post up about the truth behind agent-repped actors and why they get all the auditions.

The truth, as it turns out, is that it’s just faster and easier to call an agent than it is to deal with the multitude of unrepresented actors out there.

What, you were looking for a different answer?

We humans have a tendency to look for the easy way out, especially when it comes to work. So who can blame casting directors for taking the easy road? When I worked at McDonalds, lord knows I took the easy way to cooking the french-fries. And while casting is certainly more of an art, it’s also five hundred times as much work.

So what’s a frustrated actor to do?

In his post, Paul slyly recommends his upcoming meet-and-greet class with Musical Theater agents here in NYC, but I think an actor would be better served by busting his or her hump to get to every single Equity and otherwise open call possible. A lot of regional theater is cast without agent submissions, and open calls can get you the job.

Once you’ve got a great resume (and have auditioned for the same casting directors multiple times), you’re a great prospect for an agent… no meet-and-greet classes required.

Although, if you’re in NYC, you’ll still need that ever-elusive amazing NYC Headshot.


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