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What the Sexiest Woman Alive Can Teach You About Headshots

While reading an article about photographers shooting magazine covers using the RED Camera, I saw a video from Esquire Magazine with “behind the scenes” footage from their recent Sexiest Woman Alive magazine shoot with Kate Beckinsale (may be a touch NSFW and PG-13).

And before you get any ideas, I was watching the video to learn more about the RED Camera in still photography (although I understand your skepticism).

The interesting thing about the video? It’s a live look at Kate Beckinsale, reacting to the direction of the photographer as the shoot happens. The audio has been removed and replaced with music, but you know that a photographer was giving direction while Kate was reacting.

And some of those reactions are steamy.

In order to make a shoot like this work, the actress has to be 100% committed to the reality of the scene (“there’s a perfectly logical reason to be writhing on a cook-stove in my underpants, in fact, I enjoy it”).

Actor Headshots are no different!

There’s no room for feeling silly, judging yourself, or censoring yourself when you’re being photographed. It only really works when you give in to the situation, throw yourself into the process 100%, and know you’re playing a character.

Take it from the Sexiest Woman Alive…


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