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Taking Risks – Prometheus Actor Logan Marshall-Green & Playwright Craig Lucas

Logan Marshall-Green and Craig Lucas in Rehearsal, New York, 2012

Risk is difficult. Being uncomfortable is difficult. But the artist who chooses to embrace discomfort brings with him a universe of empathy that engages an audience in a way nothing else can.


Stop Acting Like an Actor

Can I Please Has a Job?

Be honest. If you saw a businessman on a corner, dressed in suit and tie, desperately begging for work, you’d ask yourself: “Why doesn’t he do something more effective?” The standard actor dream seems to be: do good work, get discovered, become famous. Believe it or not, the toughest part of the equation is actually […]


The Creativity Trigger

Creativity Triggers

While reading one of my favorite blogs I came across a post about tapping into creativity through mundane routines. The author, Mark McGuinness (who has practiced hypnotherapy) suggests using regularly scheduled routines to trick the brain into “creative mode”–similar to the way you might trick your body into being sleepy: always going to bed at […]


Headshots Get You Auditions, Guts Get You Jobs

Showing Up Movie

It’s tough to be an actor. Spend any time at all pursuing an acting career, and you’ll realize very quickly just how tough this job can really be. First you have to find training, then you need a good resume, then you need an amazing headshot, and that’s before you even start looking for auditions!