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How to Create a Custom Twitter Header Image

Custom Twitter Header Image

Your Twitter page can look snappy and snazzy! With the newly launched Header Image feature, you now have the ability to further customize your Twitter profile–giving you a LOT of possibilities. Checking out the profile images from @KatieLinendoll and @RyanSeacrest gave me the idea to create my own Custom Twitter Header Image–and to help you […]


Take a Great Twitter Headshot in 10 Steps

There are many types of Twitter headshots out there: the Too Cool for School, the Intentionally Zany, The Night-Time WebCam, the Crazy GrafiXX Icon, the Specialty Avatar, the Business Logo–the list goes on and on…

But most Twitter users would benefit from a clear, great looking, headshot…


How to Take Professional Headshots – Yourself!

It’s no secret that our nation is in a financial crisis, and between the already plunging economy, the effects of the Writer’s Guild strike, and the possibilities of a SAG strike, many actors and actresses in need of the best headshots money can buy, instead find themselves buying the cheapest head shot they can find. This is not a good thing!