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Time is NOT on Our Side

It must be in the air… first Bonnie Gillespie is talking about Time, and now Mark Westbrook on his blog. Mark makes an excellent observation: successful actors invest in their careers, financially, yes but also in time.

He goes on to suggest that American actors are great at this, but in my experience, United States actors have just as much trouble investing in their acting careers as their Scottish counterparts.

So why do we actors have such trouble devoting time to our craft, careers, and art?

Time is tricky. It has a way of running away from us. We don’t often think about time until we’re regretting it passing.

But we somehow always make it to work on time (at least I hope so). We make it to rehearsal on time. We get to important meetings on time.

Why is that?

I think Mark is right… it’s because we schedule those things.

So how much more successful might we be if we start scheduling time for our acting pursuits?

Mark suggests daily activities (and even provides a sample calendar). Some people might find it hard to devote time every day, but why not start with a weekly investment?

Right now I’m meeting weekly with a fabulous group of actors who hold each other accountable for just this sort of thing.

What are you doing? 🙂


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