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Headshots Don't Work

Have you ever seen the back-end of Actors Access, Casting Networks, or another online casting system?

From the point of view of a Casting Director, there are pages and pages of thumbnail images—headshots, cropped into little squares about 2 inches in diameter, all fighting for your attention.

After a while, they all kind of blur together.

So for a headshot to work—to draw attention, to stand out—something has to be dramatically different.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been experimenting with a different type of photo for using online.

I still think traditional headshots are necessary, and a printed 8×10 is what you’ll need to carry into the audition room, but when it comes to creating an online presence, and a portfolio of images for online casting, something different is needed.

That’s why I’ve created Actor Portraits.

These images are bold.

The photos make a statement, and they cast you immediately.

These images don’t replace traditional headshots—they supplement them.

Actor Portrait Actor Portrait Actor Portrait

You use an Actor Portrait as your background on, or as your header image for a Facebook Page, or for your website.

These images sit in your online casting image bank, waiting for you to submit them for just the right projects.

The one’s you are perfect for—and the image sells it.

Have a look through the gallery, and get excited about creating something new. Something different. Something that gets attention.

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Be honest.

If you saw a businessman on a corner, dressed in suit and tie, desperately begging for work, you’d ask yourself:

“Why doesn’t he do something more effective?”

The standard actor dream seems to be: do good work, get discovered, become famous.

Believe it or not, the toughest part of the equation is actually the “do good work” part – simply because most actors don’t have the faintest clue how to really land the work that will get them discovered.

As actors (at least in the traditional sense), we often feel at a loss… we can’t do our art until a script exists, a director is attached, and a production is in the casting process… that’s a lot of steps before the actor is ever involved (and an oversimplification at best). And once a project is at the casting stage, we’re stuck competing with the ba-jillion other actors (and wannabe’s) who want the same part we do.

So what’s an actor to do?

Stop Acting Like an Actor & Act Like an Entrepeneur

An entreprenuer is a person in business for him/herself – that’s the simple definition.

I would go even further to suggest that a TRUE entrepeneur is a business person who recognizes opportunity, and uses opportunity for business…

Read the Rest! →

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Actor Headshots need to be retouched.

Nuff’ said.

But how much retouching is enough, and what, really, should be retouched?

This video walks an actor through the basic elements that need retouching in their headshot.

More headshot info at

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Brittney - NYC Headshots

Brittney is an NYC based actress.

Headshot Proofs:

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NYC Baby Portraits

Baby Portraits - NYC

Had the pleasure of photographing this little nugget in Central Park.

Baby Portrait Proofs:

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Gracie – NYC Senior Photos

Gracie - NYC Senior Photos

Gracie visited NYC to have a Senior Portrait session in scenic DUMBO. Portrait Proofs:


Jamiuah – NYC Headshots

Jamiuah - NYC Headshots

Jamiuah is an actor in TV/Film, new to New York. Headshot Proofs:


Bob – NYC Headshots

Bob - NYC Headshots

Bob is an NYC Actor in TV, Film, and Theater. Headshot Proofs: