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Hair & Make-Up

$175 – Artist Stays Entire Session

Makeup area and viewing station used during actor’s headshot session.

If you are a woman, and you have hair, you need someone to assist you with hair and makeup on your shoot. I can provide a qualified hair and makeup artist, or you may provide your own.

The hair and makeup artist will work with you to adjust your normal routine for a camera friendly look, and stays throughout the shoot to maintain, adjust, and enhance.

Men generally do not need this service, unless they have long hair or special circumstances.

The makeup artists I work with are highly qualified, professional makeup artists. Their rates vary depending upon the makeup artists we choose.

If you would like to shoot headshots with both straight and curly hair, the hair and makeup artist charges an additional $25 for the second hairstyle.



My personal retouching philosophy? Only remove temporary imperfections.

  • All headshots require at least minimal retouching before printing
  • Exposure correction and color balancing are provided free of charge on all final images included with a session
  • Minor retouching is included with all final images (blemish removal, dark circles, etc)
  • Moderate retouching would be removing something like beard shadow, thinning arms, etc. (extra charge)
  • Major retouching would be changing something like hair or shirt color, removing buttons and other distractions, etc. (extra charge)

Retouching, color balancing, and exposure compensation is available at $25 per image.

For more challenging retouching and photo fixes, an estimate can be provided in advance.