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What Should I Expect from a Headshot Session?

Shooting your headshots should be fun!

When you schedule your headshot session, you are choosing to make a positive change in your career. It’s something you should enjoy doing, and look forward to–prepare for your shoot by treating yourself well, getting plenty of sleep, caring for your body, and allowing plenty of time to prepare. If you’re nervous, bring a friend, and bring music that you like.

When you are shooting, remember that you are trying to capture a range of images, spanning the depths of your personality.

Take risks!

Make goofy face, smile a lot. Don’t worry about taking “good” pictures or the “right” pictures. That’s the photographer’s job.

Your job is to show up prepared and to then relax, emote, play, goof off, and take risks.

Enjoy the shoot–you’re the center of attention!

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