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Where Do I Get Actor Postcards Printed?

Many actors find success using postcards to keep in touch with casting directors and agents.

The easiest postcard layout is your headshot (in color), name, and phone number on the front with a blank back. When you’ve got news to share, you can either write a personal note or print labels with your message and include on the back.

Postcards are less expensive than headshots – they’re only a few cents per piece to print (versus a dollar or more), and cost less than fifty cents for postage. Compare that to the more than two dollars per mailed headshot and you’ll see the cost benefit quickly.

Not to mention the person receiving your note is sure to see it immediately since there’s no envelope to open!

There are many places to order postcards, but I have two recommendations:

High Quality – Small Orders

Design your postcard yourself using Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Pages, etc, save as a PDF, and use OvernightPrints (I recommend 4×6 size).

You can order as few as 25 cards for less than $10.

Click here to visit OvernightPrints and check their prices for 4×6 postcards.

Good Quality – Large Orders

With Vistaprint, you can design your postcard using their online software, or upload your own images. They do charge an extra fee for uploading your own design – so if that’s your plan, use OvernightPrints.

If you don’t know how to do layout, or you need to order a LOT of cards, Vistaprint is the way to go.

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