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Showing Up Movie

It’s tough to be an actor.

Spend any time at all pursuing an acting career, and you’ll realize very quickly just how tough this job can really be.

First you have to find training, then you need a good resume, then you need an amazing headshot, and that’s before you even start looking for auditions!

And once you actually have an audition, the really tough part starts.

Enter the documentary movie Showing Up by Riad Galayini. Featuring interviews with well-know actors like Kristin Chenoweth, Eli Wallach, and Bill Irwin, and cast by Jim Carnahan, this film really exposes the fear, uncertainty, and courage that actors experience on a day-to-day basis while auditioning.

The movie isn’t out yet, but if the clips online now are any indication, it should be a very powerful and moving film for actors, and anyone who knows an actor and the struggles of being a performing artist.

Check out the clips section and be inspired!


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