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Finalists are listed below in rotating random order, along with the current standings.

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VOTING RESET: Ballot Inaccuracies

After reviewing log files, I’ve noticed that some people have been voting more than once (I won’t get into how, or why I know this), but in the interest of fairness, the voting has been reset… nothing is LOST, just reset… Once the voting ends on Friday, all unique votes will again be tallied.

Here are the counts of unique votes as of the reset…

Alexa Gonzalez 34

Nora Hanlon 66

Tara de Guzman 72

Dolores Quintana 204

Andrea Ellsworth 18

John Pilliod 15

Tahir Register 343

Jennifer Weedon 34

Evan J. Palazzo 3

Kelly B. Lewis 56

Rob Douglas 6

Maria Chavez 41

Calvin Winbush 30

Taavon Gamble 166

Kristina Walker 5

Soniya Johnson 2

Kenneth Cruz 2

Bobby Moreno 3

Tamia Burton 3

Nikki Souvertjis 177

UPDATE: Tallying Votes

Thanks to everyone for voting, the votes are being tallied, and I’ll notify winners soon!