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It’s So Easy a 16 Year Old Can Do It!

Youtube's "Fred"

Hollywood is full of stories about instant success… actors who were discovered sitting in Soda Parlors or Diners, overnight sensations… and understandably, actors are obsessed with those stories.

But all too often, we miss the important details.

Take for instance, the recent success of Youtube phenomenon Lucas Cruikshank. Here’s a kid who at 16 years old has a website with over 1 million subscribers (the first for Youtube), a development deal with Nickeldeon, and a feature film in the works, all based on the character he created (Fred) and uploaded when he was 13.

Did you get all that?

It’s quick to judge him as another “overnight success”–he just got lucky right?

Come on! This kid has spent how much time at home shooting these videos? Editing? Processing the audio? Uploading? Promoting?

Lucas isn’t an overnight success… he’s a hard worker, and a great role model, even for adults.

An acting career is hard to pursue… but Lucas created his own. Through hard work, dedication, and ingenuity.

And while Fred may make me grind my teeth when I hear his voice, I have a lot of respect for Lucas Cruickshank.


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