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Who are the CVTC?

The Crime Victims Treatment Center in New York is an amazing organization–dedicated to caring for and assisting the victims of violent crime and domestic abuse, this organization deserves your attention.

Victims of domestic abuse, sex crimes, and other seldom talked about issues often don’t know where to turn–filing a police report doesn’t heal emotional wounds, and when a crime involves hospital care it can even turn into financial ruin.

The CVTC helps victims heal emotionally and physically, assists in the arduous process of the justice system, and brings much needed care and compassion to some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

The Bridge

Below are some favorite images from The Bridge–a benefit concert for the CVTC featuring Broadway performers and musicians.

With budget cuts (and the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital) the CVTC is in need of support–and you can help!

How Can I Help?

Visit the CVTC website and make a donation (even a small amount counts).

To see more images from the benefit, visit – a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the CVTC.

4 Responses to “The Bridge – 2011 Crime Victim Treatment Center Benefit”

  1. Danny McNie

    Amazing Pics! Thanks!!

  2. Nick Coleman

    Happy to contribute… such a great organization, and a great event…

  3. Chelsea MacLaren

    NICK! These are so great 🙂

  4. Erika Guzman

    They look great!!!

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