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Acting Headshots For Every Occasion

Actor Headshots for All Occassions
Remember those old headshots actors had in the ’80’s?

You know the ones I’m talking about, the headshots with four different poses, in four different costumes?

We’ve all seen them… especially in out-of-date “business of acting” books. And we’ve all laughed at how ridiculous that template now looks in today’s sleek, modern world.

But those old comp cards were on to something!

Seeing is Believing (Headshots Too!)

It’s always easier for a casting director to see the character they’re casting than it is to imagine the character being cast. So those comp cards make a weird kind of sense… but how can an actor take advantage of that “seeing is believing” mentality, without dressing up in silly costumes?

This is exactly why actors shoot multiple “looks” (usually 3 or 5) in a headshot session. They do this to establish different shots that hint at a particular character type. And while you won’t print an 8×10 headshot with all those looks on it, you should upload multiple looks to online profiles so you can submit an appropriate shot for an appropriate role.

The Right Headshot for the Role

Submitting for a felon? How about the grumpier looking headshot with the stubble.

Submitting for a doctor? The headshot with the button-up and the trusting eyes.

A day-laborer? The headshot  with the t-shirt and the bulging biceps.

Backstage has an excellent article on exactly this kind of thing… check it out, and get more auditions using multiple headshot looks!


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