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See You On Set…

Nick Coleman - Headshot Photographer

My goal is to get you cast as a series regular on Network Television.

If that’s not your bag, then let’s get you cast as the lead in a Broadway Musical.

If you’d like to appear in Commercials, or in Movies, or on Stage…
making your living performing, we can make that happen too.

I’d like to find out what makes you really jazzed about being an actor,
and help you craft headshots that get you the career of your dreams.

What Critics Think

  • Top 5 Headshot Photographer in NYC – Backstage Reader’s Choice
  • Featured Headshot Photographer – The New York Agent Book
  • Recommended by Dallas Travers – The Tao of Show Business
  • Agent & Casting Director Recommended

I’m In Your Shoes Too

In addition to photographing actors, I am also a currently working actor.

I know what it’s like to hunt down roles, go to grueling auditions, and navigate the ever-evolving world of the modern actor.

Because I’m still in the trenches with you, I’m dialed in to the daily struggles we all go through as performers… and I’m dedicated to lending a helping hand.

What Critics Think – Part II

As a performer I’m constantly striving for excellence, and I’ve been very blessed to have worked steadily over my career:

  • “Mr. Coleman delivers with easy comic timing.”
    The New York Times
  • “Coleman gives an effortless performance that reeks of machismo-laden inertia.”
    Off Off Online
  • “A magnetic presence, dominating the stage whenever he appeared.”
    Off Off Broadway Review

Stay in Touch

You have a lot of choices in headshot photographers, and I would be honored if you choose me.

At the very least, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter… our art is based on community: let’s thrive together!

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